PowerShell Utility (OutLook Talk)

I have been wondering can we able to become more productive by reducing and managing the IT folk time utilization ? One day a thought came what is the first and most time-consuming activity for IT folks.

In my opinion , if we are an Engineer –> Support Engineer –> System Admin –> Manager , we all will start our day with checking mail . And in case if we are from support group we have hell lot of mail to read and reply. Here I got a break can I have some tools which can help to minimize my daily effort by reading and viewing mail.

I thought to come up with a tool which can help to tell me how many unread mail I got in a day and where I can read and view them , even I have a bad day when Outlook got crash 🙂

Download tool from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rxz50ljl9dz8641/OutllookTalk.rar?dl=0

1) Open the Zip file and extract it, once you Open the folder you can able to view .exe application.


2) Launch the OutlookTalkModule application  , click “Speak” button. The tool will fetch all the current mailbox folder available and configured with “Outlook” Application . It could be official and personal mailbox configured as well.


3) The tool will speak loud all the mailbox folder along with the number of unread mail.


4) The tool has capabilities to only read your mail with respective mailbox folder and subfolder , only view your mail with respective mailbox folder and subfolder and both read and view your mail with respective mailbox folder and subfolder.

Choose the radio button , then choose respective mailbox folder from where you would like to read or view the mail.



I will choose Folder as \\MayukhRastogi and Sub-Folder as “Patching” and I would like to only view the mail  I will select the checkbox as “View Mail” and click “Proceed”.


5) Once we click “Proceed ” button we see a new tabbed window will be visible and we can view the mail.


Author Note : If the viewer is interested in this tool and would like to leverage it or customize it. Feel free to comment below with your email address I would be loving to share the source code 🙂


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