Network Testing Tool (myPerf)

The myPerf tool uses a Java graphical interface to measure maximum network throughput between two WAN or LAN links. I have developed this tool using Java language as front-end which uses iperf utility at the backend . It is used to perform network test that create  TCP and UDP data streams.  Iperf is a tool for network performance, bandwidth and the quality of a network link. The utility is fully open source and runs on both Windows or Linux systems.

Download tool from here :

1)  Open the zip file and extract it, once you open the folder you can view .jar file.


2) Launch the myPerfv1.o executable application .

3) Before we run to test the bandwidth we need  two PCs  or two servers. We will first run the application to the machine which acts as a server and click “Run”. We can choose the test will be for TCP or UDP data streams.

iperf.png4) Now we will launch the application on the machine which will act as a client to perform the test. The setting and port should be similar as that of server side and click “Run”.


Note : If you are facing issue to launch the jar executable  , check if you have installed latest version of  JAVA and environment variables are set for JAVA_Home.



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