SCCM Technical Preview 1701 now available!

Microsoft System Center Technical Preview update 1701 is available now let’s see in brief all new features available with new SCCM 1701 version. Microsoft has come out with few exciting few in TP 1701 we will be discussing below. All the information about SCCM TP 1701 is available at official siteWhen we install version 1701 your console version will update to 5.00.8482.1000. Let’s discuss SCCM TP 1701 new features:

1) UEFI inventory data:  A new hardware inventory class SMS_Firmware and property UEFI is available to help collect hardware information before we set the UEFI property should be set to value as “True”.



2) Improvement to OSD: The maximum number of the application that can be installed in Install Application Task step increased from 9 to 99.

3) Device health attestation via Management Point:  A new advanced feature in Management point component properties. To configure on-device health attestation service URL, click on ADD button and provide URL.


4)Updated Content Library CleanUp Tool: Command line tool (ContentLibraryCleanUp executable file ) used to remove content which is orphaned from the distribution point.

5) Improvement in Boundary Group for SUP: Configure boundary group to associate one or more host that host a SUP.

6) Host software updates on cloud-based distribution points: This version support cloud-based distribution point to host software updates but with hosting DP on the cloud will introduce additional cost.



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