SCCM site information not publishing in DNS for Multiple Domains

Problem Statement: My current Organization(ex. has a merger with new Organization (Ex: Company). We have AD trust relationship established between the new domain. When I am trying to install the SCCM client on machines I am getting error in my locationsevices.log as  “DNS Service Record using _msms_mp_<Site Code>.tcp_<Domain Name> lookup DNS return error 9003″


Solution:  I would like to check whether DNS is working fine and try to check all ports and communication is enabled to my SCCM server from the target machine hosted in ( domain.

1) Check for the mpcontrol.log to check the Management Point status the below message suggest MP is working fine and healthy.


2) Re-Check in SCCM Server if DNS publishing is enabled for all the intranet Management points.


3) To fix the DNS issue we can configure DNS publishing, enable dynamic updates by enabling it on DNS Zone.

DNS dynamic.png

Wait for few mins (15-20 mins) and check mpcontrol.log  and you will see in the logs SRV registration will be successful.

DNS_service record.png

5) If still, you face issue then the last step we can do is that we can publish SRV record manually. Let’s see below step by step how we can achieve it.

We need to create an SRV record in DNS server manually.  GoTo-> DNS Manager -> _sites ->_tcp -> Other New Records.




We will fill following fields in the SRV record as below:

_Service: _mssms_mp_<sitecode> (ex: _mssms_mp_P01)
_Proto: _tcp
Name: Specify the domain name (ex:
Priority: 0 (not used)
Weight: 0 (not used)
Port: 80 or 443
Target: The SCCM site server (ex: BLRSCCMPRI.COM)


Wait for 10-15 mins and check the client machines(target machines) in where we want to install the SCCM Client.

Now agent will be installed successfully.

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