How to keep Personal Computer Secure from malware attack using Secunia Personal Software Inspector 3.0

secunai.pngIt has been very important to keep our Personal computer applications and software up-to-date unless it will be more prone to vulnerabilities and other malware attacks. Recently we have been hearing a lot about Ransomware “Wanna Cry” attack and its impact globally. If we have Personal computer users may be wondering how we can make our computer less prone to these attacks. Because we simply cannot rely on a firewall and antivirus to make our system guarded against all these vulnerabilities.

Application and OS vendors are constantly discovering security holes and releasing patches to fix them, but it’s not very easy for the user to install and update them.  That’s why we need some tool to make the task easy.

How PC users maintain their application with security updates that protect them from exploitation by hackers? Through Automation or tool right 🙂

I have come across tool  “Secunia Personal Computer Inspector (PSI)” from Flexera which is free security tool and the quite decent solution to identifies vulnerabilities in application and program installed on your personal computer where your antivirus solution could not be effective. It identifies programs and application in need of security updates to safeguard your PC against cybercriminals and it will analyze your computer and suggest necessary security updates and latest stable version as well.

Personal Software Inspector is a security scanner which identifies the program that is insecure and needs updates. It helps to automate and update the program and applications make a lot easier to make your system secure. It automatically detects insecure application and program, downloads the required patches and installs them accordingly without user interaction. If in case few updates require user interaction PSI also detects and notify the user about the program and show a notification when programs update are available.We just need to do few clicks with an appropriate icon in result windows to install the latest patches.

Personal Software Inspector (PSI) Features: 

  • Automatic updates of program 

The solution provides auto updates mechanisms to patch approximately 75 programs and application.


  • Available in 8 languages.

English, French, German,  Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch.


  • Covers programs from thousands of vendors.

Includes 20000+ programs and applications – more non-Microsoftt programs than anyone else vendor in the market.

List of few basic and standard application installed.


  • Integration for development.
  • Comprehensive Management Features

Automatically detect insecure program, download the require patches and install them without user interaction. Average personal computer with around 75 program and applications are covered.


  • Reports Security Status for Each Program

Notifies about program and applications that can be automatically updated with the latest patch, notify appropriate icons in result windows when user interaction is required.

Results- filter.png

  • Detects End-of-life Programs

Detects and report End-of-Life programs and plug-ins. End-of- Life (EOL) programs are no longer supported by the vendor. The programs and applications with EOL will no longer receive security updates and treated as insecure, we should immediately remove them to make our PC secure.


Download and install the latest version of PSI 3.0!


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