How to fix VSphere Client could not connect to VCenter Server ?

Problem Statement:Icon

I have a VMware environment running ESXi 5.x running few VMs when I am trying to connect to Vpshere Client it was working fine yesterday, this morning I saw an error connection to VCenter Server. I can not able to connect to VMs from VMware Sphere Client and VSphere Web URL as well.

I am going to discuss probably most of the use-cases in depth what all possible scenarios for the cause of these issues with possible error and troubleshooting steps. Let’s Get Started.

How to fix and what all could be the possible scenario lets discuss in detail?

Error Messages:

  • VMware Console has disconnected …attempting to reconnect.
  • The console has been disconnected. Close this window and relaunch the console to reconnect.
  • The type initializer for threw an exception for ‘VirtualInfrastructure. Utils. ClientsXml’ threw an exception.
  • Cannot connect to vCenter Server 5.x using the vSphere Client – unknown error.

Possible Causes:

1)  Make sure you are running the same version of VMWare ESXi Server & Client. VMware vCenter Server Verison &VSphere Client Version should be same.

2) The latest version of Microsoft .Net Framework Version required or .Net              Framework version causing the issue

3) Check for proxy settings (if set), have reset causes issues in connection.

4)  VMware services are stopped or need the restart to work as expected.

5)  Microsoft .Net latest Patch Tuesday could break and throw exception Virtual   Infrastructure.Utils.ClientsXml or Virtualinfrastructure.Utils.HttpWeb RequestProxy.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1)  The computer hosting vCenter Server has an active network connection.
2)  vCenter Server is actually running and vCenter Server is reachable.


3) You can resolve the hostname of the vCenter Server from your VMware View Connection Server.

4) Check if you have updated VMWare server from 5.x to 6.x, if yes? We need to reinstall the vsphere client to the latest version to fix it.

5) Restart the machine where Vsphere Client installed.

6) Run .NET Framework Setup Verification Tool to find .net release, causing issue run SFC /scannow to fix issues if any?

7) Login to VCenter Server and look for errors in log file vpxd-.log located at C:\Program Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs if any.

8) Login to the server and look for errors in log file viclient-*.log file located at %App Data%\Vmware\vpx\

Example:  From the log file we found the Access to the registry key ‘HKEY_CLASSES _ROOT \VpxClient’ is denied.



9)  Make sure you have proper rights [probably admins 😉 ] to access VMware Host or check with VMWare Admin if you don’t.

Launch Vmware Vsphere Client “Run As” Administrator to fix the issue.


10)   Check for disk space and/or file permission of your temp directory on VMWare Server. VMWare may be unable to create the necessary files in your %temp% directory which ‘will’ cause the exact error you are experiencing.

11) Check for VMware Services and make sure below services are working fine 🙂

VMWare Services

12) Now try to connect VMware Vsphere Client and Vsphere web URL both will work with charm!!

Thanks for reading 🙂 Do like, share & comment if you find useful.



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