Application Packaging

Application Packaging is a very important profile in most of the Organisation. Some organization provides job profile as an Application Packager.

Microsoft SCCM 2012 introduced a new application model for Software deployment.Applications are similar to packages in Configuration Manager 2007, but contain more information to support smart deployment. When you make changes to an application, a new revision of the application is created.

Applications can more easily be assigned to groups, users or device collections instead of collections. Applications are used with device affinity. You can use rules with applications. You can require approval if desired. You can use applications to alert for compliance.

App model offers features that the package model doesn’t, detection method for one, to make sure the application is truly installed while packages just return error codes. You can deploy .exe, .vbs, .ps1 and other supported models will discuss in detail shortly. Also, when using the application model you can customize which deployment type of the app gets installed according to your requirements, for example one application that has x64 and x86 deployment types configured can be deployed to collection of computers and the correct version gets installed according the deployment type requirements, in this case x86 or x64.

To manage application based on user profile,  we can achieve through application catalog for details:

Application Packaging Software / Tools

There are a variety of tools available to manage application and package or re-package the executable installer files.I am going to discuss few popular tools available and used by IT folks.

How to create Mozilla Firefox Application Package ?

This blog is intended to package a  third party application(Mozilla Firefox) via scripting language and deploy using system center 2012 configuration manager application deployment manager. This blog consists of step by step process to create a third party application.


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