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How to disable tab previews in Microsoft Edge


The tab preview feature in Microsoft Edge displays a thumbnail glance of an open tab on mouse-over. The thumbnail preview can obstruct features like the bookmarks bar, the address bar, and the forward, back and refresh buttons.There is no standard setting exists to disable tab preview from Microsoft Edge Browser, we can make those settings affected tweaking the windows registry.

Control Panel Command Line Commands in Windows

Control Panel Applet Command OS Version
Accessibility Options control access.cpl XP
Action Center control /name Microsoft.ActionCenter 8, 7
control wscui.cpl 8, 7
Add Features to Windows 8 control /name Microsoft.WindowsAnytimeUpgrade 8

Frequent Domain Account lockout issue

I am facing frequent lock issue with my AD account, this is a pretty common issue most of the user faces in IT Organization. The root cause of this issue is they might have logged in with their account and forget to log-off or maybe they have mapped to the network drive as well and once when they are trying to reset the password, the lockout issue arises.

Microsoft Extends Windows Server 2012 Support

Microsoft has announced they will be extending mainstream and extended support dated for Windows Server 2012. Microsoft Lifecycle support has two five-year phases of windows products.

List of Microsoft Products End of Support for 2017


I am writing this article to briefly list the Microsoft products whose mainstream and extended support finishes this year 2017.

So that IT folks have a wake-up call before it’s too late, they should either upgrade their MS product to the latest version of supported MS product or if the product has the option to extend for the support they should opt to avoid last hour panic.

The importance of updating software before the support end should not be ignored. Once the product life is retired MS won’t support software updates, patches and others vulnerability fixes which result in your software application more prone to security risk.

Forgot Local Admin Password and Unable to log in with Domain Account

Problem Statement: Suppose you have a Windows server, which is very critical and have loads of critical application running but unfortunately the server cannot able to communicate with Active Directory and you cannot able to login to the server with the domain account.

And here come the real fun, due to some rogue employee, he has set some non-standard administrator password you neither know about of it and he is no longer with your organization.

How to solve this issue?


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