Step By Step Guide to Migrate SCCM 2012 R2 to SCCM 1511

Upgrade Checklist:

  • Ensure that your computing environment meets the supported configurations
  • Review the site and hierarchy status and verify that there are no unresolved issues:
  • Install all applicable critical updates for operating systems on computers that host the site, the site database server, and remote site system roles:
  • Uninstall the site system roles not supported by System Center Configuration Manager ,
  • Disable database replicas for management points at primary sites.
  • Disable all site maintenance tasks at each site for the duration of that site’s upgrade.
  • Run Setup Prerequisite Checker.

System Center Current Branch Update 1610 available

18-November, Microsoft announce that they have released version 1610  for the Current Branch (CB) of System Center Configuration Manager that includes some great new features and product enhancements.

Customize Background Visible when PXE installing

Recently, I got a request from a friend of mine how we can change the standard System Center Configuration Manager template(image) background to a custom background could be a Company Logo etc. from SCCM Server.

SCCM 1606: How does Automatic Client Update or Upgrade works?

I was reading few SCCM blogs and forums and I realize, people don’t understand why “Automatic Client Upgrade” feature won’t work as expected?

Configuration Manager 1606 – Stuck in Downloading State

I was trying to update my SCCM environment from 1602 to 1606, I can see the hotfix got stuck while downloading.

SCCM Technical Preview 1701 now available!

Microsoft System Center Technical Preview update 1701 is available now let’s see in brief all new features available with new SCCM 1701 version. Microsoft has come out with few exciting few in TP 1701 we will be discussing below. All the information about SCCM TP 1701 is available at official site.

SCCM site information not publishing in DNS for Multiple Domains

Problem Statement: My current Organization(ex. has a merger with new Organization (Ex: Company). We have AD trust relationship established between the new domain. When I am trying to install the SCCM client on machines I am getting error in my locationsevices.log as  DNS Service Record using _msms_mp_<Site Code>.tcp_<Domain Name> lookup DNS return error 9003″.

Now Available: Update 1702 for System Center Configuration Manager

March 26, Microsoft has announced that they have released SCCM version 1702 for Current Branch (CB) that includes some great new features and product enhancements. If you are running with SCCM environment version 1606 or 1610 the new update will be available as an in-console and can be directly upgraded to SCCM CB 1702. If for some reason it is not visible in our SCCM console,  if yes? Please find the PowerShell script here to ensure that you are in the first wave of the customer to get the update.

SCCM 1702 updates include many new features and enhancement in Windows 10 management and new functionality using Configuration Manager connected with Microsoft Intune. Let’s discuss a few of the enhancements.


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